Thieves in the Night Final (Large)

Two young outsiders – Bron, a jaded musician unworldly and luckless, and Dan, a semi-reformed criminal secretive and haunted – are brought together by a chance encounter and drawn by kinship of character, desperation and music into each other’s worlds. Between them on Dan’s council estate comes the beautiful but troubled Cal, to Bron a songbird and daydream but to Dan a byword for all that he knows comes with her. On their horizon gleams the mirage of being something and someone, but ever closer behind is Dan’s past, inventive in its nemeses and indiscriminate in its prey.

An accomplished novel replete with deft writing, memorable characters, sharp dialogue, humour, wisdom and evocative observation… Original, rewarding and moving.’    Matthew Branton, TLC.

‘…a poetic portrayal of London’s lightless life, a wild ride between different times and labyrinthine emotions, but most of all it’s a vivid reading experience from the first page to the last… magnificent writing style… characters that grow with each page, landscapes, events and emotions described with a beauty of words that few authors can master, and with an understanding of the human mind and its desires.’     Tina Stanciu, Readers Favorite.

‘…a darkly beautiful work of fiction… description of setting is bleak and brilliant… Ball seems to be a master of the picturesque turn of phrase.’  Rabid Readers Reviews

 ‘All you aspiring writers out there will, at some point in reading this gem, set your Kindle down and say, “Damn this dude is writing the shit out of this motherfucker.”  Ball’s prose is woven like dark poetry… The background cast is colorful and memorable, but it’s Ball’s command of language plus the dynamic between Bron and Dan that will keep you reading…  Mr. Ball – who I half-suspect to be a ringer, some big-name bastard writing under a pen name – will, I sincerely hope, have his work on display at a Barnes and Noble at some point in the near future.’    Mack Moyer, author of ‘Sketches of the Wigwam’.

‘Think “Trainspotting” written by a poet and you are probably getting somewhere close.’    Amazon customer review.

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