Piers Croney has been an elite agent since inheriting his father’s real estate business. After graduating from Balliol College, Oxford, he spent many years developing contacts in the entertainment and publishing industries. His clients are among the most financially successful authors in the world. He deals mainly with celebrity biographies, celebrity memoirs, TV history, and screenplays from established writers. He is currently closed to new submissions.




Robyn Smarm has been a partner in the agency since marrying Piers in 2004. A graduate of Girton College, Cambridge, she worked in brand management and interior design. But books are her lifelong passion. She deals mainly with commercial fiction, plot-driven thrillers, cookery, self-help, children’s picture books, romance, and non-fiction with a women’s theme. She has also been a successful children’s author since 2005.




Britney Thicke is the agency’s newest member. A graduate of Southampton Solent University, she joined the agency as assistant to Piers in 2011 and became a partner a year later following the birth of her wonderful twins. She loves cats and fun and more cats! 🙂 She deals mainly with fantasy, chick lit, humour, LBGT, erotica, horror, dystopia and other genre-based fiction.

Submissions of a synopsis and the opening fifty pages should be made to the agent best suited to your project. We believe that books are the cornerstone of civilisation and are committed to ensuring that they remain so in the modern day and beyond. (Please note that the Croney, Smarm & Thicke Literary Agency does not represent literature or poetry.)


Responses to previous submissions:

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